This IIT started a natural product startup

Introduction :

Ankita Jethalia, IIT-Roorkee alumni 2021 started her own startup named Nyra Naturals. 

The story behind Nyra :

While doing a corporate job Ankita also used to make soaps for her daughter. As she observed chemical-rich beauty products cause the bulk of problems. So near was the only solution.

Items sold by Nyra :

Skin-friendly beauty products, chemical-free soaps, body lotion, body butter, and deodorants are offered. Soaps of 7 varieties are available which include honeycomb, rise, and carrot buttermilk. Green Meadows and heavenly orchid body butter are prepared from multiple oils. 

Benefits of Nyra products  :

No aluminum or paraben is there in any of the beauty products which are quite harmful to the skin. Sweat will be absorbed. Dry underarms too will get moisturized. Non-toxic products are the identity of Nyra. Baking soda is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. Natural deodorants can easily be chosen by skin-sensitive people anytime. 






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