5 Women Stories

Introduction :

Workplaces have now undergone tremendous changes in recent times. While industrial revolution was dominated by men and women were forced to run homes. With technologies and the internet best tectonic shift was observed. Women now lead teams and organizations and also manage homes at the same time. Women have proven gender equality as time is passed. 

5 Startups :

5 great women founders who are world-famous for their startups

Upasana Taku – MobiKwik :

While you were shopping online you often used to be guided to a payment gateway. This gateway is MobiKwik This startup has a great name in the digital payments sector. This gateway was founded by Upasana Taku in 2009. She first used to work with PayPal. She is now in charge of all business operations, talent acquisitions and bank partnerships at MobiKwik company. 

Richa Kar – Zivame :

In 2011 an MBA student just made her own lingerie shopping platform More than $100 million is the value of this shop. This idea came to her mind through her client Victoria’s Secret’s sales when she was working at SAP. Indian women were left quote behind in this lingerie shopping. When she was researching she saw an embarrassment in India related to lingerie. But now she is given all credit for removing this uneasiness to a certain extent. 

Sabina Chopra – Yatra.com :

A highly popular website for all hotel and flight bookings. She was quite enthusiastic while looking for travel commerce. She found out people switched to easy and cheap travel. Now her website was ready to cater to customer needs. She was head of Indian operations of eBookers which is a travel company based in Europe. She was also working with Japan airlines which just was like an experience in the travel industry. 

Falguni Nayar – Nykaa :

After a lot of hustle and experience as an investment banker, she found Nykaa in 2013. This is the best one-stop destination for all Beauty and cosmetic products. No lady ever thought of purchasing makeup online. But Falguni Nayar made this thing possible and made people experiment with all styles, colors, and designs. 

Rashmi Sinha – SlideShare :

People can easily access and upload all their presentations online. Now this feature is available everywhere but it was first launched by SlideShare only. Rashmi Sinha was one of the founders of this SlideShare platform. This company became so much success in 2012 that it was acquired for $ 100 million.

Conclusion :

Now women are shining a lot with all their hard work and gaining one of the best positions in society. They have the ability to multitask and stay strong at the end of the day to fight all the challenges. These entrepreneurs are a great example of women’s development and success in the latest times.






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