Disruption of conventional business cards exchanging culture

Introduction :

Changing physical cards to digital ones is an innovative idea. All Social profiles will also be there rather than the usual details. The credit for this idea goes to Dhruv Jolly. TapOnn Digital a networking platform allows users to share both personal and professional details with a single click.

Technology used :

Near-field communication (NFC) technology will allow communication in proximity only. A beta test was also done with 300 users in India. The D2C model is used. API will be integrated with CRM to schedule meetings and automate marketing. Flutter, Angular, and Node JS are also used. 

Products included :

Smart sockets using the smart mechanism, Smart card, and Smart coins help to transfer user data to the phone. This brand portfolio includes business details, contact information, brochures, and coupons. Sockets can be used to put on laptops, phone cases, and tablets. 

How to use it?

Create a profile on the application -> Select options you want to share -> social profile and other details can be selected. You can change, add, remove, and even update the information you want to share. Multiple profiles can be created by scanning. 


If NFC is not there in the recipient’s phone then the link or WR code that opens on the browser can be sent. Downloading the application is not required. 

Limitations :

No limitations are there. You can access the information that you want. This can include social accounts, websites, PDFs, and documents. 

Time the products can be used?

One can use the product’s lifetime. A 2-year warranty is provided with a replacement guarantee. You can replace if malfunction or damage is noticed.

Plans :

It is looking for offline brands to set up kiosks in stores. A system to manage all smart cards of employees through a single dashboard is also on the way.  Target is to reach 10,000 customers and get 2,500 customers per month. Business-to-business and subscription models too are used. 

The function of the dashboard :

It will be managed by the admin who will look after employee details and profiles. Connection data and locations of people their employees are meeting can also be connected. The team’s work can be kept on track by the admin. 

Fees :

The one-time fee ranges from Rs 1250 and Rs 1750 for smart cards and Rs 999 and Rs 1,499 for smart sockets. Customization can cost up to Rs 5,000. 

Conclusion :

This startup has observed a commendable growth of 100X in three months. Orders placed directly through the company’s website are only noticed. 






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