12 top Indian media websites to follow

Introduction :

India is ranked third among all startup bases in the world. This startup sector is going to grow 2.2 times more. 3100 startups are reportedly seen at the start of the year. Websites now display everything ranging from sectorial analysis to funding news. 

List of startups :

  • Knowstartup – The motive of this startup is to build and promote startups in India. This will help many to achieve their dream of creating a successful startup. Biplab Ghosh was the founder of this portal in 2015.
  • StartupsIndia – This startup started sharing success stories of founders and their startups. Bloggers are also present here now to feature passionate blogs. Ravi Tilekar is the CEO and founder of StartupsIndia.
  • Inc42 – No introduction as such is required to this great platform. It is a gateway to Indian startup ecosystems. More than 15,000 stories have been published by them. Pooja Sareen, Vaibhav Vardhan & Utkarsh Agarwal are the three co-founders of this platform who founded it to highlight the untold stories of startups.
  • All Startups info –  Not only features of entrepreneurs’ stories are done, but rather they are also introduced to stakeholders. 
  •  Yo Success – A special section is devoted to Success Stories. In that everything is mentioned. Successful stories are shared and later they are also introduced to small businesses.
  • vc dots – This is just a conferencing solution and a great platform to host and post several startup ideas. Great ideas are posted on this platform too.
  • Startup Wonders –  This is the best one-stop destination for startups. New-age founders are seen which creates a great impact. 
  • – They share stories to encourage and boost entrepreneurship skills among startups. 
  • Startup Success Stories – This platform is unique as they not only share stories rather train people who want to be future entrepreneurs with tremendous motivation, the best newsletters, and great articles.
  • Your story –  For people living in remote interior areas your story is a great source. A bulk of entrepreneurs, funding analysts, change makers, and resource pieces are displayed in emerging trends.
  • VCCircle –  Sahad P.V. is the owner of this startup in 2005. This startup focuses attention on private equity and venture capital funds. It has a wide presence in the news, and events, among investment bankers, lawyers, and corporate executives.
  • – Funding alerts are displayed along with motivational startup blogs. One will get inspired through the success stories and building his startup is the prime vision behind this startup. Ajay Kumawat is the main founder of this startup platform. 






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