Dharmishtha Goneka


Introduction :

Praakritik website was founded by Dharmishtha Goneka in 2016. After the pandemic, global health awareness has increased tremendously and demand for organic food and products has increased. A lot of challenges are faced by the organic farming sector because of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and germicides. Praakritik is spread all over Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Vision :

As the majority of food is commercialized, bringing back the original final feeling of belonging is the aim of Praakritik. An environment of availability and affordability is created to grow organic 

Initial journey :

Various things like healthy eating, global health awareness, sustainable farming, and organic living are possible with this website. Dharmishtha’s aunt, Richa Bagrodia had initially started this and she supported gaushala. Desi Gir Cow’s A2 milk and the benefits of its products were known to her. She wanted that each family should have these things which are beneficial for health. Hand-tossed Vedic-processed ghee was provided initially. GROW ORGANIC and GO ORGANIC is the sole motto of the company. 

Other partners :

Sachit Subramanian and Aghalya Ramasamy are the other partners of this company. A variety of skills like global policies, operations, and business planning are done by Sachit. 25+ employees work in this company. 

Business model :

D2C business model is followed. This will help to create an online presence. This company has footprints in Singapore and Dubai. Business-to-consumer is the model followed in short. 

Plans :

The growth of the businesses is both sustainable and long-term at the same time. Gettin strategic partners are the goal rather than investors. 






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