Proptech: one-stop solution for real industry

Introduction : 

Purchasing, renting, or selling a property is always a task for many. You can manage both people and properties with PropTech ( Property Technology) in place. All needs of the real estate sector are taken care of by this platform. Prabhat Kumar Tiwary just makes a fabulous contribution to PropTech. He is the CEO, and CMD of your room which is a residential rental and also a property management firm. He has been an alumnus of Stanford School for 26 years. 

PropTech :

This is a real estate property management company. Assets which are under the management of this company are 1 million square feet worth Rs 400 crores. They are present in Bengaluru and Pune. The main business is to run multiple systems which include project management, KYC, CRM, IVR, and Payments.

The daily routine of Prabhat Kumar Tiwary :

He works 10-12 hours from. Monday- Saturday. He plans his entire day and the preceding week’s activities. Sundays are reserved for family and friends. News and videos are seen before sleep for 30 minutes. 

Challenges encountered:

Multiple failures at both micro and macro levels are faced by him. He considers failure as an opportunity. Failures are seen by him as a stepping stone to success. 

Inspiration and other beliefs :

Professors at Stanford School have left an inspiration and mark on him. Understanding this professor has helped me a lot in analyzing my ideas and beliefs.

The professional life of Prabhat Kumar Tiwary :

Growth and investments are seen by him over the last 6 years in YourOwnROOM. Guidance and oversights are provided by this technology team. Regimental Tuesdays, Friday sales, tech, and ops. 

Below is the most powerful and simple quote which he has come across. It reminds him of the same in his business too. 

“Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is Reality.”

– Inspiration and powerful quotes






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