Success Story of Indiarush

Introduction :

We were impressed by Rohit Bal who used to manage a team of 100 people. Best Indo-Western designs were created by them. We combined both digital and fashion work in our business. This was a proper time to start a B2C digital company named Indiarush. Rahi Jain is the Co-Founder & CEO of Indiarush company

Vision :

The main vision is to “Create a common click for anyone when they name fashion.” To deal with remote villages In fashion and trending clothes is the goal. We are trying to make merchants reach all over India where the Indiarush team plays a lead role. We at the end of the day look for good sales and low cost.

Services offered :

A variety of styles are bought at a reasonable price. The handpicked collection is our specialty. The ‘LookBook’ section is used as a social platform while the ‘Fashion Edit’ for the best fashion tips and other entertainment. Whenever you want to brush up your skills or even motivate your team then this is the perfect place. 

Difficulty faced :

Scaling as well as positioning our brand was quite difficult in the e-commerce industry. Competing with other giants was a task. 

How does the growth of India is supported by the company :

Luck is the sole factor when you plan to start a startup. You have to work with thousands of clients. As many sellers and merchants are connected to us, it will benefit India. 

Views on Startup India Campaign :

Be optimistic and ignore negative comments. The main aim of this campaign is to achieve great heights with smartness. To make you industry ready is all they want. After a certain period, the youth felt motivated by the success stories of Myntra, Flipkart, and MakeMyTrip. So now a positive environment is created among family, youth, and other peers. 

Special message to entrepreneurs :

Focus on ignorance and courage always. Keep exploring various options and choose the best that works for you. Try to build in your house of intelligence you want. Loyalty and other benefits should always be there with you. Set up high entrance criteria for freshers and focus on ROI. Being vigilant throughout is the most important suggestion.






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