Payal Nanjiani – the success story

Introduction :

Payal Nanjiani is the founder and CEO of Payal Nanjiani Leadership Company. She has been an executive coach for 20 years. My prime work done by me is to change the behavior of leaders in a sustainable way by coaching. The job of a coach is to improve oneself and also work hard on themselves apart from the job. 

Work of Payal Nanjiani :

She has 20 years of experience in coaching. Maximum time is spent on yoga and fitness by her. Because of her high efforts and dedication, she is recognized as an influential speaker. 

Type of coaching provided :

Transforming personalities and helping them achieve the best results for the company is a promising task done. Yoga has the power to solve all difficult problems. Many people choose this alternative and get great success. 

Transformation in Coaching :

In Central America coaching is a mature market. Many clients are now taking advantage of this and achieving peace. 

Achievements :

New York Big City Award and Canada Books of Excellence award are her greatest achievements.






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