Top 15 Indian startups

Introduction :

Startups in the new era are quite successful because of persistent efforts and hard work. A considerable amount is invested in it with caution and risk-taking ability. But if you do it right and grab the attention of maximum customers with your brand name then definitely you will reach a unicorn club. Implement your ideas with great enthusiasm and be ready if any failures come your way. Some best startups that even faced losses and took a great are mentioned below, which will motivate you to start your own venture too.

Here is the list of startups that are now leading :

  • BoAt – Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta are the founders of this startup. Smartwatches and audio devices of the best quality are sold by the company. Due to its great performance and durability, the system is famous globally. $10 Billion is the estimated value of company assets.
  • Paytm – Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of this organization started in 2010. This is an Indian-based payment and financial service provider. 20 million active users are present here. $16 Billion is the estimated value of these fintech companies.
  • Meesho – Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal founded this in 2015. High amount of positive responses are received by this company in India. Businessmen can approach customers directly avoiding any transport channels. $4.9 Billionis the value of this company. Fidelity Management and B Capital are prime investors.
  • OLA – In 2010 Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal founded this company. Bike services, cab, taxis and other local transport are provided here. $3.8 Billion is the funding done by all countries.
  • Udaan – Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, and Sujeet Kumar are the founders in 2016. This is an online startup company having specialisation in trade, goods, wholesale channels and other professions. $1.2 Billion is gained by the company with investing done within a few years of operations.
  • PharmEasy – Dharmil Sheth is the sole founder of this brand in 2015. Services are provided to customers and other healthcare industries. $651.5 Million are gained by investing in this venture. 
  • CRED – In 2018 Kunal Shah founded this startup. Credit card services are provided to customers with various incentives on billing through the credit cards. $472.1 Million is the funding which is gained by investors.
  • – In 2016 Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagoriin started this organisation. This is a combination of healthcare and fitness startups. Consumers are provided with fitness related all services. Individuals can maintain their bodies and health perfectly. $404.6 Million are earned by the company by just attracting customers towards them.
  • Razorpay – Shashank Kumar and Harshil Mathur founded this company in 2014. Highly secure and the best channel is provided by companies to make various payments online. $366.6 Million funding is received from.other investment groups. 
  • Digit Insurance – In 2017 Kamesh Goyalfounded this organisation. This company works in the insurance sector and its main aim is to target customers. Other insurance policies which contain risk management, other pricing matters and rest information are included here. $244.5 Million are gained by the company. 
  • Grow – This is a stockbroking startup which is grown from all former Flipkart employees. Millions of assets are embarked to deposit, credit and get all the US stocks in the coming month. 
  • Nykaa – Since 2012 this is a home grown startup which sells wellness, fashion and other beauty products. They try to meet the growing demand for cosmetics among teenagers and youngsters. Innerwear segment also needs to be expanded for both men and women. 
  • DREAM 11 – In 2008 this game startup was started. The founders of this game itself are sports lovers. Startup career journey is exciting. Unicorn clubs can be entered with billion dollar assets. Crores of additional users get added. 
  • Swiggy – This is a viral food ordering and delivery platform which started in 2014. Quick pick and drop up facilities are provided in all nations. Now they are also becoming Artificial intelligence products.
  • Instamojo – Since 2012 they are considered as the best payment processing application. Various other payment methods are provided to stores along with management and customization. They want to build a data rich economy and build standards for small forums. They have attained a standard of 1 million merchants.

Conclusion :

In this article we saw top leading startups who have gained tremendous fame with their work. They are widely preferred by customers among all. You can easily be part of this startup and earn best along with experience. 






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