Introduction :

Deepinder Goyal is the CEO and founder of Zomato. His story is quite different and not at all similar to other entrepreneurs. He even comes from a big city and neither has any rich or impressive background. He built his company with a lot of hard work and sleepless nights in front of a computer screen. 

Startup journey :

This startup journey began in 2008. Finding restaurants and getting updated food menus is available now. This company is none other than Zomato. Food culture has changed drastically since the origin of this company. Deepinder also is trying to develop a startup ecosystem in India. 

Motivational aspect :

He was a below-average student. When he was in 5 th STD his father requested the principal to promote him to another class. His luck changed when the invigilator in 8th STD decided to help the student who was going to fail. But the teacher got transferred to another school and no paper leak even worked out. So hard work one night helped him to get the fifth rank in the class. He could not clear JEE and Blinkit’s owner was his classmate. He was a calm person and so he did it in 2 months. 

Ventures acquired by Deepinder :

ChefKart, Unacademy, and Blinkit are acquired by him. Blinkit was captured in 2022 at $568 million. He just entered the home services market through this. 

Other work done :

As the pandemic hit Rs 700 crore were donated to just fulfil the education of his delivery partners. The idea to build Rest Points infrastructure was on the way for Zomato and all companies. 

Conclusion :

Despite losses in Zomato he proceeded ahead with a positive attitude. Everything has turned upside down for him. He had faced all the bad and worse problems in his life and is now ready to face what comes in front of him. Failure is not at all an option now for this startup. 

“The only effort I make is to survive. It is the only thing I fight for. If you survive, you win”







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