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    Introduction : Deepinder Goyal is the CEO and founder of Zomato. His story is quite different and not at all similar to other entrepreneurs. He even comes from a big city and neither has any rich or impressive background. He built his company with a lot of hard work and sleepless nights in front of…

  • Top 10 author interviews of 2022 :

    Top 10 author interviews of 2022 :

    Introduction : Dozens of people are interviewed over the years as well. All this creative information is spread throughout various parts of the country. This helps many people motivation to start their ventures. Game-changing events happen in people’s live. Constant hard work and persistent efforts can help people active their dreams. Follow your passion and…

  • Top 15 Indian startups

    Top 15 Indian startups

    Introduction : Startups in the new era are quite successful because of persistent efforts and hard work. A considerable amount is invested in it with caution and risk-taking ability. But if you do it right and grab the attention of maximum customers with your brand name then definitely you will reach a unicorn club. Implement…

  • Shiprocket – A game-changing platform

    Shiprocket – A game-changing platform

    Introduction : The main 7 priorities containing shipping logistics and courier service are important. They help us in reaching the last mile easily. Shiprocket is hoping for a positive as the sector will soon reach its previous position. Saahil Goel is the CEO and co-founder mentions all the technological changes taking place in the market.…

  • Payal Nanjiani – the success story

    Payal Nanjiani – the success story

    Introduction : Payal Nanjiani is the founder and CEO of Payal Nanjiani Leadership Company. She has been an executive coach for 20 years. My prime work done by me is to change the behavior of leaders in a sustainable way by coaching. The job of a coach is to improve oneself and also work hard…

  • Proptech: one-stop solution for real industry

    Proptech: one-stop solution for real industry

    Introduction :  Purchasing, renting, or selling a property is always a task for many. You can manage both people and properties with PropTech ( Property Technology) in place. All needs of the real estate sector are taken care of by this platform. Prabhat Kumar Tiwary just makes a fabulous contribution to PropTech. He is the…

  • Success Story of Indiarush

    Success Story of Indiarush

    Introduction : We were impressed by Rohit Bal who used to manage a team of 100 people. Best Indo-Western designs were created by them. We combined both digital and fashion work in our business. This was a proper time to start a B2C digital company named Indiarush. Rahi Jain is the Co-Founder & CEO of…

  • Praakritik


    Introduction : Praakritik website was founded by Dharmishtha Goneka in 2016. After the pandemic, global health awareness has increased tremendously and demand for organic food and products has increased. A lot of challenges are faced by the organic farming sector because of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and germicides. Praakritik is spread all over Maharashtra and Gujarat. …

  • PharmEasy


    Introduction : Everybody is just happy with the pharmaceutical industry’s retail and wholesale market. Digitalization is also done by the same pharma industry. But many times it is seen that this industry is not organized.  Order online : You can purchase medicines simply by sitting at home with just a click from various e-commerce stores.…

  • 12 top Indian media websites to follow

    12 top Indian media websites to follow

    Introduction : India is ranked third among all startup bases in the world. This startup sector is going to grow 2.2 times more. 3100 startups are reportedly seen at the start of the year. Websites now display everything ranging from sectorial analysis to funding news.  List of startups :